Bridges in Limerick city

This map shows the location and name of all bridges in Limerick city which cross over major waterways (the Shannon River, the Abbey River and the canal). This includes both vehicle and pedestrian only / footbridges. The Port Tunnel is shown for reference, although it is not actually a bridge.

The map does not include overpasses, level crossings, railway bridges, bridges which are above railway tracks and similar.

Map of bridges

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Map key

Number Name(s) of this bridge - official and local
1 Limerick Port Tunnel
2 Shannon Bridge - sometimes known as New Bridge, Whistling Bridge, Singing Bridge, Sighing Bridge.
A 2014 proposal to rename it as the John F Kennedy Bridge was defeated.
3 Sarsfield Bridge
4 Thormond Bridge
5 Sylvester O'Halloran footbridge
6 Matthew Bridge
7 Baal's Bridge - Original bridge at this site was called Ballsbridge
8 Abbey Bridge
9 Canal Bridge (Lock Quay Bridge)
10 O'Dwyer Bridge
11 Pa Healy Rd Bridge
12 Park Road Bridge / Park Canal Bridge
13 Guinness Bridge (Kevin Hannan Bridge)
14 Athlunkard Bridge
15 Black Bridge - footbridge
16 University Bridge
17 The Living Bridge / An Droichead Beo
18 Annacotty Bridge (original and new)

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