Limerick city bus fares and ticket offices

Bus fares for Limerick city bus services
See bus company websites for regional and national fares.

This information is correct as at December 2019.  

Fares for Eurobus Limerick city (Dublin Coach) services

Single journey fares 

  • Adult   €2.00 
  • Junior  (under 16 years)    €1.00
  • School child in uniform  €1.00
  • Children up to 3 years - one child per adult:  No charge
These fares are paid directly to the bus-driver.

Multi-trip tickets

  • One 10-journey ticket:    €15.00
  • Two 10-journey tickets purchased together:    €25.00
These tickets are purchased directly from the bus-driver.    They do not expire, and can be used on either of Route 307 or 308.

General Eurobus fare information

  • Department of Social Protection Free-travel passes are not accepted on Eurobus services.
  • Leap cards are not accepted on Eurobus services.
  • Tax-Saver tickets are not available for Eurobus services.
  • Eurobus does not receive any subsidies for their services, so fares are not regulated by the National Transport Authority.

Fares for Bus Éireann Limerick city services

Standard cash fares

  • Adult:
    €2.40   for trips up to 7.5km
    €2.80   for trips longer than 7.5km
  • Child:
    €1.40   for trips up to 7.5km
    €1.70   for trips longer than 7.5km
  • School-child:  €1.10

These fares are only available from bus-drivers, and must be purchased using cash.

Leap cards fares:

  • Adult:
    €1.68   for trips up to 7.5km
    €1.96   for trips longer than 7.5km
  • Child:
    €0.98   for trips up to 7.5km
    €1.19   for trips longer than 7.5km
  • School-child:  €1.10
  • Day-saver city pass, unlimited access to Bus Éireann Limerick city services (not regional services) for 24 hours from the time it is purchased.
    Adult  €4.70
    Child: €2.60. 
These fares are only available if you use a Leap card.  Read more about using Leap cards in Limerick.  Cards must have been topped up and validated in advance at a Payzone outlet or railway station.   Top-ups cannot be purchased from bus-drivers.

Weekly city-service tickets:

  • Adult:  €21.00
  • Student:  €16.80
  • Child: €9.80

Monthly city-service tickets:

  • Adult:  €74.50
  • Student:  €52
  • Child €36
Weekly and monthly tickets are purchased from the Bus Éireann office in Limerik Bus Station (beside Colbert / Limerick Railway station),

Cash, Laser and credit cards are accepted. You need to have an ID (possibly photo ID) to purchase them, and may be expected to carry the ID while you are using the ticket.

Weekly tickets cover any calendar week you choose (eg Thurs-Wed), and may be purchased in advance (eg you can buy a ticket on Saturday for the week starting on Monday). Monthly tickets cover calendar months only (eg August).

Annual city service tickets

These are only available under the Tax-saver scheme, from participating employers.   Cost for a ticket in €770.00.

Employer passes

See your company's TaxSaver designated contact person (usually someone in HR / payroll), as some employers have different policies.  Not all companies participate: see the TaxSaver website for details.  Large cost-savings are available, but passes must be purchased through your company, monthly or annually in advance.

Other discount tickets

Bus Éireann has other discount tickets that are aimed at tourists, but may be useful to commuters / students in some cases.  Most of these can be used on city services as well as regional ones.  Check their website for details