Limerick bus and train fare increases - December 2017

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Details of December 2017 public-transport fare increases for Limerick have been announced by the National Transport Authority.  Full details are in the determination document, which is available here.

These fares apply from 1 December 2017, for the 2018 calendar year, on buses which receive government subsidies.

Monthly and annual ticket prices will be applied during November for tickets that will be used from December.

The Limerick City Bus Fares page will be updated with this information shortly.

Bus Éireann city bus services

Fare zone change and distance-based fares

Bus Éireann's Limerick city zone has been extended.  From December 2017, it covers the larger area shown in this map:

Currently, there are no Limerick city bus services operating outside of the pre-Dec-2017 zone.  However it appears that the the city-zone fares will apply on buses that are running stage-carriage servics in these areas  (to be confirmed).

Also, there is now a two-tier fare on all city zone buses, with a higher price applying to all journeys longer than 7.5km, no matter what route they are on.

No guidance has been published about which journeys are longer than 7.5km as yet, but some initial research shows that
  • Route 304a - from the Raheen terminal to Travelodge Castletroy is approx 7.5km
  • Route 304 - Stables to Sexton St via  Hurlers is 7.3km, and to Roches St / Catherine St is 7.5km.
  • Route 304 - Raheen terminal via Church Hill Meadows to is 3.5km, and then to O'Connell Ave / Mallow St is 7.5km
These values were measured by tracing the routes on Google Maps - they are not official distances.
It's not yet clear if the city bus ticket machines will have official distances measured between stops meaning that all passengers will have to tell the driver their destination, or if passengers will be responsible for saying which fare they need to pay.

Fares paid with a Leap card - single journeys

  • Adult fare stays at €1.61, for journeys up to 7.5km
  • Adult fare increases to €1.89 for journeys over 7.5km:  this is a 17% increase on some routes 
  • School-child stays at €0.77 for all journeys.
  • Child fare stays at €0.91 for journeys up to 7.5km
  • Child fare increases to €1.12 for journeys over 7.5km
On average, Leap fares are 30% cheaper than cash fares.

Fares paid with cash - single journeys

  • Adult fare increases from €2.20 to €2.30, an increase of  4.5%, for journeys up to 7.5km .  
  • Adult fare increases to €2.70 for journeys over 7.5km: this is a 22% increase on some routes
  • School-child stays at €1.10 for all journeys
  • Child fare increases from €1.25 to €1.30, an increase of  4% for journeys up to 7.5km .  
  • Child fare increases to €1.60 for journeys over 7.5km:   this is an increase of 28% on some routes

Day Passes

  • Adult from €4.50 to €4.70, an increase of  4.4%.   
  • Child day-tickets are introduced from 1 December 2017, costing €2.60.
  • If  these tickets are purchased from the driver using a Leap card then they are valid for 24 hours from the time of purchase.  
  • If they are purchased using cash, they are only valid for the calendar day.
  • There is no student one-day ticket - but students are welcome to purchase the adult one-day ticket.

Weekly tickets

  • Adult increases from €20.50 to €21.00 an increase of 2.4% 
  • Student from €17.00 to €16.70, a decrease of  1.8% 
  • Child from €8.90 to €9.50, an increase of  6.7%

Monthly tickets

  • Adult from €71 to €74.00,  an increase of  4.2% 
  • Student from €57 to €59.00, an increase of 3.5% 
  • Child from €33 to €35, an increase of 6.1%

Annual tickets (including Tax-saver)

  • Adult: from €759.70 to €777, an increase of 2.3%
  • There are no annual student or child fares.
The fare-increases document says that day, weekly, monthly and annual ticket prices are for the Red Zone - it does not make a distinction between journeys longer or shorter than 7.5km.

Bus Éireann regional and commuter buses

Leap cards will be accepted on all regional buses by mid 2018, and Leap fares will be 30% less than the cash fare for the journey.

Some fares on regional bus services are changing:  the amount depends on the distance travelled, and the type of ticket used.
  • Adult single journeys up to 5km long will all cost the same as a city-zone short fare, ie €2.30 cash or €1.61 with a Leap card.
  • Other adult single tickets be reduced, by up to 15% for longer journeys and by between 3% - 4% for shorter ones.
  • Adult return and day-return fares will increase by an average of 1.7% - but the actual change is between a decrease 7.7% for some tickets, and a 5.9% increase for others.
  • Child and student return tickets: No increases, some decreases of up to 4.3%
  • 10 Journey (adult, student or child) tickets - some decreases by up to 5.8%, and some increases by up to 4.6%  - with an average increase of 1.1%. 

Other bus companies

The private companies providing city and regional bus services in Limerick do not receive any Government subsidy, so their fares are not approved by the National Transport Authority, and have not been announced as yet.

However some may increase their fares at approximately the same time as Bus Éireann.

Iarnród Éireann / Irish Rail - train fare changes

Intercity express single fares for zone D and longer are reduced by about 5%.

Return fares on the expressway services increase by around 1.2%

Student single and return intercity fares increase by between 0.0% and 2.3%