Bus cancellations between Limerick and Dublin Airport

CityLink have announced that their EeagleAir service between Limerick and Dublin City is suspended, from 18 January 2021.

Bus √Čireann have announced that Route X12 Expressway service between Dublin and Limerick is cancelled, effective from Saturday 30 January 2021.   This service provided 8 buses per day between Dublin airport and Limerick bus station, with stops in Dublin City (Busarus), Portlaoise (hospital and shopping centre), Roscrea, and University of Limerick.

Alternative ways of travelling from Limerick to Dublin include:
  • JJ Kavanagh's route 735 (which called Kenneally's on the Transport for Ireland Journey Planner) - departs from Arthurs' Quay, goes to Dublin Aiport, with a few more stops than the route X12.
  • Dublin Coach route M7 - departs from Arthurs' Quay, goes to Dublin city, with connection at Red Cow to a Portlaoise to Dublin Airport service.
  • Irish Rail - take the train from Glentworth station (right beside Limerick Bus Station) to Heuston Station, and use a local or airport bus to get to Dublin Airport.