Bus Service 310 - Annacotty / National Technology Park

This bus service is operated by Dublin Coach, subsidised by the National Transport Authority.

It runs 7 days a week, every 30 minutes between 6:30am and 11:30pm.

The route is from from Sarsfield Street in the city centre to Annacotty, via University of Limerick and the National Technology Park.

It starts running on Wed 12 October 2022, and is a replacement for the cancelled routes 307 and 308.

Timetable summary

The first bus will leave
  • Annacotty at 6:30am
  • Sarsfield Street at 6:45am
each day.  After that, bus will run every 30 minutes:
  • From Annacotty on the hour and at half-past until 11:30pm
  • From  Sarsfield Street at quarter past (:15) and quarter to (:45) until 11:45pm

Areas served

Coming soon (once the exact route is confirmed)

Route map

This is a likely view of the route - it will be confirmed once the exact route is announced or researched.

Main bus stops for route 310

  • Sarsfield Street (Limerick City Centre)
  • Limerick College
  • Ballysimon Road
  • Eastlink Business Park
  • Groody Road
  • University of Limerick
  • Castletroy College
  • The National Technology Park
  • Annacotty

Further details will be provided once the route has been published or a research trip has been taken.

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