Bus 308 Annacotty (Newtown) Route information

This bus service is operated by Dublin Coach.

 It was previously operated by Curtin Executive Travel from Ballyneety under the “Eurobus” brand - and it is still known by this name.

The Dublin Coach website does not have timetable or route information about the service, and the Eurobus website is not currently working. The following information has been gathered from the NTA website.

Bus fares

Fare information is available from the Dublin Coach website.

Timetable summary

Leaves from William St (SuperDrug) once an hour

  • Mon-Sat: between 7:40am - 7:40pm
  • Sun between 12:30pm - 6:30pm

Services are scheduled to take 17 minutes to reach Annacotty (Newtown) shopping centre- obviously this depends on traffic (and it is regarded as optimistic by many locals).

Leaves from Annacotty (Newtown) shopping centre once an hour

  • Mon-Sat: between 7:57am - 7:57pm
  • Sun between 12:57pm - 6:57pm

Services are scheduled to take 20 minutes to reach William St - obviously this depends on traffic.

Timetable details

A detailed timetable showing estimated times that the bus reaches intermediate stops is available here. (Downloaded from the NTA website, June 2017)

Stops for route 308 - Annacotty (as at June 2017)


Glentworth, William Street
School of Music Limerick
Brannigans Limerick
Garryowen, Fairgreen, stop 608521
Garryowen, St Patrick’s Road, stop 608531
Ballysimon Road Railway Bridge
Childers Road, Bloodmill
Parkway Shopping Centre Limerick
Plassey Park Road
University of Limerick, Plassey Flagpoles, stop 333102 (NW-bound)
University of Limerick, Dromore
UL Student Centre, stop 607631
UL Elm Park Avenue, stop 607641
UL Oaklawns, stop 607651
Kilmurry Roundabout
Annacotty (Newtown) Shopping Centre


Annacotty (Newtown) Shopping Centre
Beechfield Limerick
Castletroy Shopping Centre
Newcastle, Elm Close, stop 351071 (E-bound)
Castletroy Traffic Lights
Kilbane, Groody Roundabout, stop 607701
Groody Park, Brookfield Hall, stop 609471
Parkway Shopping Centre
Canal Walk, stop 333112 (E-bound)
Limerick Institute of Technology
William Street (SuperDrug)